Nieuwsbrief nr. 7

Newsletter Nr. 7

December 2022

Voucher Spur1-Tage Mellrichstadt

On Saturday, December 10 and Sunday, December 11, the Spur1-Tage will take place in Mellrichstadt (Dl). 3D-Studio will be present with its mobile studio. We are offering our readers of this newsletter a 20% discount when they scan in our studio. They will then pay €60 instead of €75 for a scan. 

Print the attached voucher and bring it to the Spur1-Tage in Mellrichstadt. Hand in this voucher at our booth and we will ensure a successful scan. Please read our “Guidelines for an optimal scan” on our website in advance. Please wear light clothing and avoid face creams and face paint. 

New figures

A number of new figures have been added to our website. More will be added in the coming weeks. Please visit our website regularly. Below you will find a limited selection of our new offer. Once again we are releasing some seated figures which we offer in a set of five at a reduced price. New is a set with four card players also offered at a 20% discount.

Price increase from 2023

We too will not escape a price increase. For several years we have not adjusted our prices. From January 2023 our prices will increase by an average of 10%.

We wish all readers of our newsletter a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Peter and Hugo

Nieuwstraat 14A
+32 55 30 55 55
[email protected]



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