Nieuwsbrief nr. 8

Newsletter Nr. 8

juni 2023 /

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New Resin

After long research, we have found a new and better resin for printing our figurines. The new resin provides more resilience and flexibility without loss of detail. As a result, small parts will no longer break off easily. The new resin was specially formulated for our purpose and is therefore more expensive compared to the standard resin. Despite this extra cost, we will not adjust our prices any further.

New figurines

In this newsletter, we pay special attention to railway figures from the DB (DR and DRG) and NMBS. Some of these figures can be used universally, but most are specific to each railway company. We leave it to the reader to judge for themselves. Along with the new figures, we are again offering a set of five travellers at a 20% discount.

An overview of the new figures can also be found on the homepage of our website and in our webshop. You can also view these figures in more detail on our website. We provide an overview below.

Railway personnel NMBS

Bahnpersonal NMBS

Travellers – seated figures


From 1 June, our catalogue will also be available on our website. This catalogue gives an overview of all figures currently offered in the webshop. Currently, this catalogue shows our figures by reference number and not by theme.

The catalogue is available directly via this link.

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