Our special prices

Our special prices at exhibitions

Special prices apply during our participation in events and exhibitions. Check our calender (Events).
An individual scanning session by appointment is also possible. For this we use our high-tech professional hand scanners. Look under Scan Service for a scan session tailored to your company or organization.

Scanning session for one person

Our price for a scan in our 3D Studio for one person is 75 euros.
For this price you get a guided scan and preparation of a 3D file. To this is added the price for one unpainted 3D figure in the desired scale and postage.

ScalePrice ScanTotal PriceExtra Print
HO (1:87)75 + 3,50€ 78,50€ 3,50
0 (1:43,5)75 + 7,50€ 82,50€ 7,50
1 (1:32)75 + 12,50€ 87,50€ 12,50
G (1:22,5)75 + 22,50€ 97,50€ 22,50

Other scale sizes are also possible. For example, 1:76, 1:48, 1:20, 1:16, 1:12, 1:10, etc. Ask for our price.

For a scan of two people together, a 10% discount is given on the total price for two scans. For example, for a figurine in scale 1, the price is 150 euros (2 x 75) + 25 euros (2 x 12.5) – 10% = 157.5 euros + postage.

Postage is 12.50 euros for the Netherlands, Germany; France and Luxembourg. For postage to other countries, please refer to ‘Delivery Times and Shipping‘.

Our figures are printed in a monotone gray or black color. For an additional cost, we can provide a painted figurine. Please ask for our price.

Prices are adjusted annually. Therefore, please consult this page in advance.

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