Guidelines for an optimal scan

Guidelines for an optimal scan

It is important to prepare a scan well in advance. That’s why it can’t hurt to think beforehand about the figure you want to depict and choose the clothes carefully. To get a good figure it is best to read this information.

Shiny objects
Shiny clothes, but also shiny shoes for example, give a lot of reflection. They are therefore difficult to scan.

Makeup and face cream
Do not use makeup or face cream. These products create a lot of reflection of light and end up giving distortion when scanning.

Dark clothing
It is best to avoid deep dark colours such as black and dark blue. Matt surfaces and light colours give the best results. After all, each colour has a different reflection. This reflection is ultimately very important during the creation of the 3D file.

Spectacles are a serious problem for printing. But a frame without glass can be quite successful. We have a few frames without glass available for those who really don’t want to be scanned without glasses.

Clothing and attributes
The right clothing and the right attributes contribute to the appearance of a figure. A cap, a hat, a rain screen, a suitcase, a backpack or a bag, boots, a dust jacket, a book … name it and we will take care of a successful scan.

The ideal posture
It is very important to stand perfectly still for two to three seconds during the scan and temporarily hold the selected hold. You can best practice this by observing your breathing. While exhaling, it is much easier to freeze your posture for a while. Practice makes perfect. We are happy to help you to practice before taking a shot.
A spontaneous and natural posture tells more about a figure than a tightly fixed pose. Photos, film and observation of people around you will give you a lot of inspiration. We will gladly guide you with some examples and advice to adopt a speaking posture.

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