3D Scan Service

3D Scan Service

For scanning all your projects we offer our special Scan Service. For this we use our 3D Studio or our hand scanners. Discuss your project with us, and we will work out a solution.

3D Studio
Our 3D-Studio is often used during events and exhibitions. This studio is extremely suitable to scan a large number of people or objects in a short period of time. It is able to process more than 100 scans in one day.

Scanning by appointment
For a scan session of yourself or an object we have several professional 3D hand scanners at our disposal. We offer this service on location. For this we will visit you or make an appointment at a desired location. Of course you can then display the scanned object in an animation or edit it in a 3D drawing program. We take care of this.

Hand scanners
For a scan session by appointment we use our professional hand scanners. These scanners are currently among the best in their class. The result is a super finely detailed and accurate representation of the scanned persons or objects.

Our hand scanners are particularly suitable for scanning objects such as furniture, sculptures, artefacts, sculptures and bas-reliefs, and diverse collections. In addition, our hand scanners are interesting for mechanical parts, machines, and reverse engineering.

Finally, we use our hand scanners to scan people who do not qualify for our 3D Studio, such as people in historical costumes, folklore costumes, contemporary fashion, … etc.


The price for an individual scan depends on the assignment. A quote is provided in advance for each assignment.
For an individual scan for one person or one normal-sized object with our handheld scanner is €149.00. To this is added the cost of the 3D print in the desired size. This can range from €50 for a 1:18 scale print (about 10 cm) to €100 for a 1:10 scale print (± 175mm). Movement costs are not included in the total price.

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