Welcome to 3D-Studio

Welcome to 3D-Studio
Your partner in scanning and printing

Figures painted by Claudia Everett
3D-Studio in action during Modelspoor Expo in Leuven ( 2018)

Have you ever dreamed of seeing yourself at work in your model railway, maybe waiting on the platform, or as a train passenger? You can now include a miniature model of yourself in your layout, using 3D-Studio’s professional scanning studio. In a few seconds, a large number of photos are taken, from which a 3D representation of the scanned persons, animals or objects is made. These are then printed with a high resolution printer.
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Visit our shop. Here you will find exclusive figurines made with our 3D-Studio in different scales from HO (1:87) to G (1:22,5).
If you would like a different scale, please contact us for more information.

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